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  • Remastered 2024
    Some Geordie songs were remastered in 2024, have a listen here.
  • Back in the Heritage Charts
    With your help, we can make the new and remastered All Because of You climb higher than #19 on the charts. Just vote here!
  • All Because Of You – Remastered – 2023
    Vote for your favourite heritage songs. Vote here: https://uk.surveymonkey.com/r/522BLGP
  • God is a bullet
    Oh Lord was featured in the movie ‘God is a Bullet’ with Jamie Foxx & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. https://fb.watch/pv7ZD6kVWF/
  • Happy New Year
    Happy New Year to all our fans! May the coming year bring you joy, success, and of course, fantastic music from your favorite band. Rock on and have a fantastic year ahead! 🎉🎸
  • It’s Time To Rock in Sweden
    On July 8th we’ll be playing in Knislinge at the Time To Rock festival.
  • Goin’ Down in Liège
    Here’s is a video clip from The Golden Age Rock Festival 2023 And Nutbush City Limits
  • Golden Age Rock Festival 30.09.2023
    Pictures from Golden Age Rock Festival in Liege. Photos are available at Metal Addiction Barry wm photos de Michel Wieczorek Pictures by Gédéon Photos Sport & More
  • A New Day Festival
    Thanks to Les Linyard
  • Look who showed up
    Very special guest showed up at the Half Moon Putney gig
  • Nutbush City Limits
    This track is hard to find as it is only released as a single in 1982 and it cannot be found on any album or compilations. Here it is! The energy and well known Geordie rock. A church house, gin houseSchool house,
  • Radio interview with Brian Gibson
    Brian did an interview with Moorlands Radio on June 8th.
  • Festival gig in Belgium
    Geordie will play on Sep 30th at the Golden Age Rock Festival in Belgium together with Terry’s other band, Back Street Crawler amongst others. Follow the link for tickets & info.
  • New London gig announced
    Geordie will play at The HalfMoon – Putney on Aug. 20th. Find your tickets here: Tour dates – Geordie
  • Interview with Brian Gibson
    Here is our very own Brian Gibson who did an interview with Dave Robson on Zetland FM Brian talks all things Geordie past and present, so well worth a listen. You will also get to hear our new song ‘See You Now’
  • Airplay feedback
    We extend our deepest appreciation to all the radiostations that have played “SEE YOU NOW.” Your unwavering support and dedication to promoting emerging artists have been instrumental in spreading the magic of this exceptional single. By embracing GEORDIE’s talent and showcasing TRACEY
  • New single! See You Now
    Attention, rock music enthusiasts! We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of GEORDIE’s new single titled “See You Now”! Brace yourselves for an electrifying musical journey that will leave you craving for more! With their signature sound and irresistible energy, GEORDIE
  • The Geordie Poem
    In Newcastle town they started out, Four young men with music clout, Geordie’s sound was hard and true, With soaring riffs and vocals too. Brian Johnson led the band, His voice like thunder in the land, Vic Malcolm’s guitar did scream, Tom
  • New single/video out now
    She’s My Sugar released March 2023 – Keep On Rockin’
  • New website – finally
    Finally there will be a Geordie website, stay tuned and check this space.
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