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The Geordie Poem

In Newcastle town they started out, 
Four young men with music clout, 
Geordie's sound was hard and true, 
With soaring riffs and vocals too.

Brian Johnson led the band, 
His voice like thunder in the land, 
Vic Malcolm's guitar did scream, 
Tom Hill and Brian Gibson's beat supreme.

With EMI, they made their mark, 
"Hope You Like It" lit the spark, 
"Don't Do That" climbed the charts so high, 
Geordie's star was in the sky.

More albums came, hits aplenty, 
"All Because of You" and "Can You Do It" were plenty, 
But then Brian left to join the rock, 
And Geordie's future was a shock.

Yet they came back, and played anew, 
Fans came out, their love was true, 
They proved they still had fire, 
Geordie's sound would never expire.

Geordie's music shines so bright, 
They must have done something right, 
A rock band from the northern land, 
Their legacy forever grand.

Made by ChatGPT

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