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The seventies rockers Geordie marked their 50th anniversary in 2022 with a brand new single Red, White and Blue which was released at the end of 2022. The song was written by original main-man songwriter Vic Malcolm (now resident in Cyprus) and features vocals by Terry Slesser is precursor for a new Geordie album that’s been in progress for some time. It was whilst visiting life-long friend Vic Malcolm that Terry Slesser (formerly singer with Back Street Crawler) laid down some vocals with Vic for an impromptu project that has now morphed into what will be a new Geordie album of typical rocking tracks from the ever prolific Vic Malcolm. The follow up single She’s My Sugar was released March 2023 and the new single See You Now was released May 2023. The original line-up from 1972 included Vic Malcolm (lead guitar), Tom Hill (bass guitar), Brian Gibson (drums) and Brian Johnson (lead vocals) who later joined AC/DC. Their first single, “Don’t Do That” broke into the Top 40 of the UK singles chart in December 1972 and the successor “All Because Of You” peeked at no. 6. The rest is history and the future is yet to come. Geordie are still here – Hope You Like It.

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Geordie, an iconic band hailing from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, emerged in 1971, bearing a name that pays homage to the Tyneside region’s moniker. The original lineup featured lead vocalist Brian Johnson, guitarist Vic Malcolm, bassist Tom Hill, and drummer Brian Gibson. Geordie rapidly garnered a devoted following in their hometown and across the North East, blending elements of hard rock and glam rock. Their inaugural single, “Don’t Do That,” hit the airwaves in 1972, securing a spot in the UK Singles Chart’s Top 40. In 1973, their debut album, “Hope You Like It,” arrived, highlighted by the hit track “All Because of You.” Throughout the 1970s, Geordie continued to tour and release albums, with Brian Johnson’s commanding vocals and Vic Malcolm’s virtuoso guitar work defining their distinctive sound. Their zenith arrived in 1973 with “All Because Of You,” peaking at number 6 on the UK charts, and they even shared stages with renowned acts like Thin Lizzy and Nazareth. In 1980, Brian Johnson departed Geordie to join AC/DC, ultimately leading to the band’s dissolution. Nevertheless, their musical legacy endures, influencing contemporary bands, while Brian Johnson’s success with AC/DC brought renewed attention to Geordie’s back catalog, which has since been reissued and remastered. Geordie’s tenure may have been brief, but their impact on the rock music landscape remains indelible. They remain a cherished part of Newcastle’s musical heritage, and the present-day incarnation of the band continues to inspire new generations of fans through fresh music and tours. Geordie is still very much alive and kicking!

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