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Airplay feedback

We extend our deepest appreciation to all the radiostations that have played “SEE YOU NOW.” Your unwavering support and dedication to promoting emerging artists have been instrumental in spreading the magic of this exceptional single. By embracing GEORDIE’s talent and showcasing TRACEY BALL’s songwriting, you have helped create lasting memories for listeners around the world. Thank you for playing a vital role in bringing this remarkable piece of music to the airwaves and beyond.

“Heard the track today and love it!!” Kelvin Williams, Amplfied on Hard Rock Hell.

”I am trying so hard not to like that song, I know I shouldn’t like that song, but I just can’t help liking that song. The lyrics, Top of the Pops was the place to be, 1973, It’s just magical. I absolutely love it”. Jason Kelly, Black Country Radio Xtra.

”It’s brilliant, absolutely love it. I’m probably gonna be playing it all week now. Love the guitars, just like a throw back to the 80’s and 70’s, love it, love it, love it”. Jason Kelly, Black Country Radio Xtra.

“I absolutely love it, amazing guitar riffs, awesome vocals and a brilliant vibe. They have done a great job!  am playing it on Sunday on Valley FM 89.5”. Isaac Banks, Banks Radio Australia

Also huge thanks to:
1. The Retweeter – Zeno FM, Hits of the Week.
2. Good Music Radio.
3. True Radio.
4. Vixen 101 FM.
5. Zetland FM.
6. Trust The Doc – Exile FM.
7. Unchained Music Club – WCR FM.
8. Jupiter Radio.
9. Monies New Music.
10. Nova Radio North East.

And to:

1. 107.5 The Swamp.

2. Power Pop Radio.

3. Radio Midlands UK.

4. Radio Caroline.

5. Studio By The Sea Radio.

6. Voodoo & Outlaw Radio.

7. West Coast Radio.

8. First Choice Radio – Unsigned Music Show.

9. S41 Radio.

and last but not least

10. Downforce Radio – The Heritage Chart.

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